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An Automated Tracking, Linking and Archiving Solution for Workforce Development
“The ATLAS solution has enabled us to provide seamless document management and customer tracking throughout our One-Stop centers. I don’t know how we operated without a management solution like this before.”
Jerome SalatinoExecutive Director, CareerSource Pasco Hernando
“The ATLAS SMS system has brought significant improvements to the RESEA program. Challenges with successfully outreaching to customers has been a struggle. Job seeking customers are seeing an influx of spam messaging, both through emails and phone calls, making vital contact regarding program participation difficult. Having the ability to reach out through a SMS platform brings a valuable, clear path to successful customer communication. Upon incorporating the ATLAS SMS system into our program, we have seen a significant 24% increase in our show rate. Due to these successful results, RESEA has been able to serve many more people within our community and assist these individuals with getting back to work. Along with growing the RESEA show rate, the ATLAS SMS system has reduced the amount of appointment rescheduling that needs to occur. Customers now have an additional method of direct communication with the program through texting, which was not available before the ATLAS SMS system. As customers receive notification of their appointment early, they have more of an ability to plan and be available to participate as scheduled. Overall, the ATLAS SMS system has helped to streamline RESEA operations by making customer communication simpler and more efficient, while greatly assisting us with achieving our program goals. Thank you to the CTS team for your ingenuity and continued support!”
Kristin Winn Career Services – RESEA Recruiter Lead
“ATLAS gives me the ability to create a variety of reports. The data lets me see at a moment’s notice the exact amount of customers we are serving, what services they are requesting and at what location they are at. I can use the ATLAS charts and graphs to get a snapshot of the data or import it into a spreadsheet program to create my own. Just the reporting functions of ATLAS make the system worth it!”
Richard WilliamsExecutive Director, CareerSource Chipola
“Working with the CTS Team since the onset of the E-Card system in our region has been exciting. Being able to provide young adults with an alternate source to receive incentives for our program has been amazing. Using the system and issuing the cards to students is so easy it almost seems wrong. User friendly for staff and managers is always a plus and the ability to critique and fine-tune the system to meet business needs is a plus.”
Jennifer WilsonYouth Director
“ATLAS goes way beyond document imaging. By linking customer traffic patterns with their documents is a huge time saver. When we get audited, we can generate mounds of accurate information with the click of a button.”
Don Shepherd
“One Stop Partner Portal has assisted our region in measuring our impact in the community. The system allows you to measure service referrals to and from partners within your network. The portal has increased our communication with our partners through the calendar and newsletter feature. The best part about the system is the ability to cusomize the referral questionnaire, so each agency is able to collect the crucial information on an idividual to be able to service them.”
Nicole BeverlyOSO
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ATLAS is a highly customizable web-based platform designed from the ground up to streamline workflow and service delivery methods for Workforce Development agencies. ATLAS incorporates technology that empowers some of the Nations largest and busiest Workforce Boards to efficiently track customers, archive activity and documents and inclusively link all information utilizing a centralized application.
NAWB 2022
NAWB Forum 2022 here we come! The CTS ATLAS team will be attending NAWB 2022 Form in Washington, DC on April 11-14th. Transforming Potential into Workforce Power - We are looking forward to connecting in person with so many workforce development practitioners from around the nation, seeing some familiar friends and making new ones. The discussion driving system change for the workforce system as whole is a critical discussion and comes at a pivotal point. The workshop line is robust and offers many promising practices for us all to learn from. Find us at NAWB, if you are looking for innovative workforce solutions, opportunities to streamline and enhance your service delivery flow through technology please email me at #TheForum22
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